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Aren’t there a lot of orphanages in Africa? So why is Children With Hope a necessity?

Children With Hope has been very intentionally and prayerfully located in a region where there are NOT enough orphanages to serve the orphan population. In Eldoret, approximately one in six children is an orphan because of widespread Malaria, AIDS, and tribal strife within the city’s huge street population. And currently, Children With Hope is one of only TWO orphanages or children’s homes in Eldoret that is willing to take in infant orphans. 

Are the Children With Hope kids ever going to get adopted?

The kids at Children With Hope will stay at the home until they are adults. Because of Kenya’s incredibly strict adoption policies, it is legally impossible for them to ever be adopted. But the point of our family-style children’s home is that these kids do not grow up as orphans. The moment they arrive at CWH, they become a member of the family, welcomed by their house parents and supporting one another as siblings.

Why does Child Sponsorship cost so much?

There are several organizations or ministries that offer child sponsorship or pen-pal programs for as low as $40 a month – but it’s important to notice what kinds of things those funds are covering. At Children With Hope, you aren’t just supporting a community program or a portion of expenses – your donation covers the TOTAL of all funds needed to run the Children’s Home per child. The comprehensive cost includes food, clothing, medical expenses, and more.

If the total sponsorship cost is not realistic for you or your family, we’d still love to get you involved in our sponsorship program through a split sponsorship – many of our children have two or more sponsors who share the cost of their monthly expenses!

Find out more about Child Sponsorship.

Is Children With Hope affiliated with any particular denomination?

No, Children With Hope is an independent Christian nonprofit organization. We are not affiliated with any particular denomination, but we’ve had the opportunity to partner with dozens of churches from all kinds of denominations over the past twenty years!

To discover our beliefs in more depth, reference the CWH Statement of Faith.

Isn’t Kenya a third world country? Then why is the land so expensive?

One of the things that makes Kenya very different from the United States is that there is no middle class – only the very rich and the very poor. That makes land a commodity reserved for the upper class, and much of the land is passed down from generation to generation or owned by wealthy businessmen, athletes, and foreigners. Consequently, fundraising for land in Kenya is financially comparable to the purchase of land in the United States.

Is the race ever going to come back?

For many years, Children With Hope’s 5k Run/Walk-a-thon was our largest fundraising event and an incredible opportunity for active community fellowship. While local safety restrictions, a global pandemic, and a host of other factors made the race a completely impractical venture for the last several years and we cannot make any promises, rest assured that it is not off the table. In fact, it’s the sheer number of supporters who continually ask this very question which keeps us excited about the possibility of a 5k re-launch in the future.

If you’d like to contribute your time and efforts to helping CWH run events like the race, please check out our Volunteer Application.

Where can I find out more?

If you have any questions we haven’t answered, please never hesitate to contact the CWH office! We would love to have a conversation with you and share all that the Lord is doing in and through Children With Hope. You can call the office (1.800.667.0600) at anytime, use our general contact form [here], or, if you know exactly which of our staff members you need to connect with, locate their individual contact information on our personnel page.