Rescuing Children... Raising a Nation.

Mission & Philosophy
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Learn to do right; seek justice.
Defend the oppressed.
Take up the cause of the fatherless;
plead the case of the widow
Isaiah 1:17
Reaching Out


Children with Hope exists to meet the spiritual, physical, emotional, educational and economic needs of orphan children. CWH is a Christian organization that seeks to accomplish this mission by effectively and wisely providing the services most critical to children who have been orphaned.

Rescuing Children…

At Children With Hope, children arrive as orphans but immediately become members of a stable family with loving parents and many brothers and sisters. The strength of our children’s home lies in Biblical principles forming the foundation of exceptional care.

Raising a Nation.

Through a stable, loving family unit with a deep spiritual foundation, our children become equipped to positively influence their nation. Our fervent prayer is that each child will grow to establish and multiply Christian families of their own, dynamically impacting the country of Kenya through a legacy of HOPE.

Learning Today…

In addition to our children’s home, our private Christian school provides an opportunity for us to secure a high-quality education for our own kids, an education option for other local children, and a platform for outreach to other schools in the area. Tobiah Christian Academy provides an education where kids, regardless of background, are consistently reminded of and encouraged in their unique value, God-given purpose, and endless potential as children of God and disciples of Christ.

Leading Tomorrow.

The mission of Tobiah Christian Academy has always been to provide an environment that is not only academically sound but spiritually vibrant, and to supply our students with the resources and the passion to become instruments of change for Christ and ambassadors of His HOPE.

Biblical Principles


Children with Hope is a Christian ministry that is based on biblical principles.  We believe that Christ has called us to minister to the hurting in our world, and orphans are one of those special groups that we are called to care for (James 1:27).  

One of the basic principles that CWH is founded on is integrity.  The issue of integrity goes to financial stewardship and extends to the manner in which the CWH board conducts the ministry. Board members receive no compensation of any kind for their service.  100% of donations go directly toward operation and administrative costs. Further, we have committed to maintaining complete financial transparency, and our books and budgets are available for examination at any time.

A second key element in our ministry philosophy is international partnership. Our infrastructure (view our organizational hierarchy [HERE]) consists of both Kenyans and Americans. It is clear to us that the Lord has designed our cultures with unique strengths, and we desire the children entrusted to us to grow up with a deep connection to their beautiful Kenyan cultural roots, so they will always be surrounded by native Kenyan house parents, teachers, and staff. We do believe that our unity, even across cultural and linguistic divides, is first and foremost declared and enabled by our creation in the likeness of God, and we seek to serve Him and His children of one accord.

Thirdly, Children With Hope is governed by expectant humility. We know that we have yet to see every avenue where the Lord will call Children With Hope to minster. We are open to the establishment of future homes, training centers, the expansion of our school, and other dreams the Lord has not revealed yet. We ar confident, however, that the expansion of the ministry will always be revealed in prayer and directed by God; we wish to rely on His timing and leading, rather than our own opinions and agenda.  

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