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Gift: Storage Cabinets


Need: 2

Cost per Item: $250

Suggested shared gift: $50

Most of our furniture in the home is built in our onsite shop by local craftsmen, but we do occasionally need to purchase furniture as well – like a pair of sturdy, secure storage cabinets to keep office and cleaning supplies safe from little hands.

Gift: Chickens and Eggs


Total needed: 100 chickens and 50 cases of eggs

Suggested Gifts:

1 Chicken: $6

4 Chickens: $24

1 case of Eggs: $5

Chicken eggs and meat are the biggest source of protein in the kids’ diet! Over the next year, the children will eat over 4,500 eggs and around 250 whole chickens.

Gift: Goat


Need: 6

Cost per Item: $85

Goat is a valued protein in Kenya for both its nutritional quality and strong flavor. For a delicious, hearty, special-occasion meal, our kids participate in the traditional process of butchering the goat and cooking it over an open fire.

Gift: Fruit Tree Sapling


Cost per: $3

Needed: 20

In order to keep fresh fruits and veggies in their diet, one of the older kids’ regular chores is helping to maintain our extensive garden. Help us add a new grove of orange trees!

Gift: New School Whiteboard


Needed: 2

Cost per item: $125

Suggested shared gift: $25

Thanks to generous donors, this year we were able to complete a project of adding two new classrooms to our school. Before the next term starts on January 25th, we need to make sure the new classrooms are fully equipped with new whiteboards to help our teachers present new information.

Gift: New Desks for School Teachers


Need: 4

Cost per Item: $120

One of TCA’s greatest strengths is its passionate local Kenyan teaching staff. Taking care of these teachers – from competitive wages and secure employment to a pleasant and productive work environment – is one of our most important commitments.

Gift: Tires for School Van


Need: 4

Cost per Item: $125

Every morning, the Tobiah Christian Academy van collects students and teachers from all over our corner of Eldoret. With the state of many Kenyan roads, tires wear out fast – make sure these students continue to have safe and reliable transportation to school!

Gift: Vitamins


Needed: 40

Cost per item: $16

With 38 Children With Hope kiddos, many staff, and the house parents’ family all under one roof, germs are everywhere. It’s very important to make sure that we’re taking care of the kids’ immune health. Vitamins help keep everyone healthy!

Gift: Piano


Total Cost: $650

Needed: 1

The Kenyan government encourages private schools to offer music and art education for their students. Our kids are very excited about our plans to furnish one of our classrooms with a new piano!

Gift: Soccer Balls and Basketballs


Needed: 12

Cost Per item: $15

We recently planted brand new grass on our compound’s soccer field, so we definitely need some shiny new “footballs” to match! Soccer is the most popular sport in Kenya, and more than one of our children aspires to be a professional footballer someday!

Gift: Cloth Diapers


Needed: 50

Cost for 4 diapers: $10

With five babies age one and under in the home, we go through a lot of diapers! For house mom Maryann and our staff, durable, reusable diapers make a world of difference.

Gift: Books for School Library


Need: 40

Cost per Item: $5

As Tobiah Christian Academy grows, we need to keep adding new resources in order to serve more students and continue to challenge the kids we’ve already been privileged to pour into. Help us expand the school library with brand new storybooks!

Gift: In Honor Of


Have someone special that you’d like to honor this Christmas? Consider sending a donation to Children With Hope in their name, and we will send them a Christmas gift on your behalf. After purchase, please use our contact form OR email with your recipient’s name and address.


$50 – Handwritten Christmas card

$100 – Handwritten Christmas card AND handmade Kenyan beaded necklace

This year’s card was designed by Jacob, age 13, at Tobiah Children’s Home in Eldoret, Kenya.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!