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Tobiah Home

Gift: Soccer Balls


Our compound’s soccer field is never empty! In addition to recess, after-school activities, and P.E. class, our field also gives us the opportunity to host other schools for field days and football matches. Soccer is the most popular sport in Kenya, and more than one of our children aspires to be a professional footballer one day!

Gift: Maize


Ugali, made from maize, is a staple in Kenya and is served at almost every meal. The corn is spread and dried in the sun on large tarps, then sifted, ground, and cooked down into a dense porridge to be served under meat or vegetables. Between Tobiah Home and TCA, the Children With Hope kitchen staff prepares over 800 servings of ugali per week!

The past couple of years have seen record-breaking inflation in Kenya’s economy, and essential food products like corn and beans have doubled in price, placing strain on many Kenyan families.

Gift: Chickens & Eggs


Chicken eggs and meat are the most significant source of protein in the kids’ diets! Over the next year, the children will eat over 4500 eggs and upwards of 300 whole chickens!

Gift: Vitamins


With nearly 40 Children With Hope kiddos, many staff, and the house parents’ family all under one roof, germs are everywhere! It’s very important to make sure we are taking care of the kids’ immune systems, especially since the traditional Kenyan diet lacks nutritional variety. Vitamins help keep everyone healthy!

Gift: Fruit Trees


In order to keep fresh fruits and veggies in our family’s diet, one of our older kids’ regular chores is helping to plant and maintain our extensive garden. As the kids (and their appetites!) grow, we consistently add more citrus and avocado trees.

Gift: Goat


Goat is a highly valued protein in Kenya for both its nutritional quality and strong flavor. For a delicious, hearty, special occasion meal, our kids participate in the traditional process of butchering the goat and roasting it over an open fire.

Tobiah Christian Academy/Tobiah Junior High

Gift: School Desks


Brand-new classrooms means brand-new furniture! We are excited to fill the new Junior High building with high-quality desks and chairs that will last for years and years of students to come. Between student desks, teacher desks, lab tables, and new computer tables, the Junior High will house almost one hundred total workstations!

At both Tobiah Home and Tobiah Christian Academy, most of our furniture is built in our on-site shop by local craftsmen. This allows us to not only save money but contribute to the local economy by employing additional workers.

Gift: Library Books


As Tobiah Christian Academy grows with the addition of our Junior High this year, we need to add new resources to serve more students and continue challenging the kids we’ve already been privileged to pour into. One of our largest opportunities for growth is the school library! In addition to needing reading and research material for older students, we’d love to add even more storybooks for our growing enrollment of primary students.

This expansion is particularly vital because one of the Kenyan government’s requirements for all licensed junior high schools is a well-stocked and independent library!

Gift: Classroom Technology


TCA has always been committed to technological literacy – it’s one of the primary things that sets us apart and one of the reasons our facilities were recognized by the Minsitry of Education!

Currently, we have outfitted our computer lab and teacher workstations with laptops and projectors. As we open the Junior High, we’d also love to make sure each junior high classroom has a projector to aid in visual learning!

Gift: Microscopes


At TCA, all of our grades study science, with a focus on environmental science since that’s the most important technical knowledge for many job opportunities in a developing country like Kenya. As we plan for Junior High curriculum, however, we need to take our science education to a new level for these older students!

That begins with making sure our new facility has a comprehensive science lab with all the equipment our students will need for hands-on learning!

Gift: Lab Tables


In our new science lab, we’ll also be constructing lab stations complete with Bunsen burners for chemistry class! Of course, that means we’ll also need to install a sink in the lab classroom and provide safety equipment like eye protection as well as all the experiment accoutrements like flasks, slides, and measurement tools!

Just like our desks and other furniture, these lab tables will be built on-site at TCA and one of our board members, Dean Miller, will be designing them!

The Future of Children With Hope

Gift: Training House


These simple houses will be used as teacher housing – making an incredible difference in the fight to retain quality teaching staff – but they will also be an important investment in the Tobiah Home kids. Construction skills, woodworking skills, plumbing, and electrical knowledge are very marketable in our area, and teaching our kids these practical skills will prepare them well for their futures. By building several houses with the exact same simple floorplan, we will be able to include our older children in the building process, exposing them to these trades, insructing them, and equipping them for their entry into the workforce.

Each house has an estimated total cost of $42,000. To make a larger gift towards a training house, please contact For more explanation of the Training House project, reference the Book of Wishes PDF attached below.

Gift: Education Funds


Since our Tobiah Home kids will be going to high school (and beyond!) outside of TCA, we’ve started an education fund for each kid to start saving now and provide a budget for secondary school tuition, books, and fees.

We have a collection of handmade Christmas ornaments brought directly from Kenya that we’re excited to attach to our Education Funds giving this year! If you choose to donate any amount over $20.00 to our Education Funds, we’ll send you an ornament for your tree – and we’ll also send a picture of one of our kids so that you can see exactly who you’re investing in with your generous gift.

Gift: In Honor Of


Support Children With Hope with even more of your holiday giving! Have someone special that you’d like to honor this Christmas? Consider sending a donation to Children With hope in their name, and we will send them a Christmas gift on your behalf.

When you purchase an In Honor Of gift, use the contact form below to send us the mailing information of your gift recipient (you can even specify a preferred color, if you are ordering a necklace) and we will take care of the rest!


Donation Levels:

$50.00 – Handwritten Christmas Card

$100.00 – Handwritten Christmas Card and handmade Kenyan beaded necklace

This year’s Christmas Card is designed by Jacob, age 14, at Tobiah Children’s Home in Eldoret, Kenya. 

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