Because of wonderful people like YOU, construction has begun at the new school property for Tobiah Christian Academy!  This school is critical to the future of the children. 

Progress Videos | Click here for video #1.  Click here for video #2.

  • Workers praying before their day begins

    Workers praying before their day begins

    Why build a Christian school? 

    Christian Education - We would like to ensure that the children of Tobiah Home, as well as the surrounding community, have the opportunity for an exceptional education in a Christ-honoring environment.

    Affordability - Once all 28 of the CWH-Tobiah Home children are school age (many already are) the cost to send the children to a local Christian school would likely be over $22,000 per year. This cost, with the Kenyan inflation, will likely climb every year. 

    Emphasis on life preparation -Tobiah Christian Academy will strive to excel academically in each subject, but we will have a unique focus on two important areas - English and technology. 

    Education in Kenya - The educational envionrment in Kenya is extremely competitive. Exams taken in 8th grade dramatically affect the education options, and therefore the potential careers, for Kenyan children. Tobiah Christian Academy will allow us to prepare the Tobiah Home children and community children for their future. 

    View the School Building Layout.