Children With Hope cares for each child in a loving a Christian Home 24-7-365.

boys sponsorship

Your Child Sponsorship provides:

CWH Child Sponsorship is different than many other fine organizations that provide sponsorship opportunities | It's important to note what the sponsorship amount covers. The $150 per month sponsorship for Children With Hope is all-inclusive.  This is not to say that one approach is better than another, but it demonstrates that there can be vas differences in cost, especially when considering the  services provide.  Children With Hope is unwavering in our comprehensive approach, which is one of the fundamental elements of our mission.

The cost to establish/maintain a Children's Home in Eldoret, Kenya | The Children's Home is located in Eldoret, Kenya, so the costs reflect this area.  A trip to the grocery store in Eldoret costs about the same as it would in many places in the U.S. for similar items.  For example, the cost for the original house we purchased would be similar to the housing costs in some small American towns.  While some costs such as labor and medical expenses are much less in Kenya then raising a child in the United States, other costs are similar.

Quality of Care | It is the mission of Children With Hope to provide exceptional care to each orphan/child to whom we minister. This does not in any way suggest extravagance, rather it is a commitment to safety, security, education, food, shelter, clothing, etc., all in a loving Christ-centered environment.  In short, Chidlren With Hope has high standards for the care of each child, and views each child as a blessing and a gift from God. 

Transparency | The current cost of full sponsorship of a child through Children With Hope is $150 a month.  A "sponsor" can commit to virtually any amount they wish, so many children will have more than one sonsor.  Should the needs change, sponsorship costs may decrease or increase depending on the situation in the future.

We hope the above demonstrates Children With Hope's commitment to integrity and excellence in regards to child sponsorship, as well as every area of the ministry and we'd invite you to prayerfully consider partnering with us by sponsorsing a child at any monthly amount you wish.  

* Financial gifts are tax deductible as Children With Hope is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization.