Is Children With Hope affilated with a particular church or denomination?  

No, Children With Hope is an independent Christian, not-for-profit organization. 

Do the children that come to CWH-Tobiah Home get adopted? 

No,  CWH-Tobiah Home is not an adoption agency.  Children at CWH-Tobiah Home remain in the home until they are adults.  Kenya's strict rules for adoption make it nearly impossible to adopt, making the Children's Home a necessity.  Once the children arrive at CWH-Tobiah Home, they become part of family, supporting one another as siblings.

Why is CWH-Tobiah Home a necessity?

1) Eldoret is the 5th largest city in Kenya with a population of  290,000; of that, approximately 80,000 are orphaned children.  
2) In Eldoret there is a large orphan and street children population due to such issues as AIDS, Malari cases found in the region, and tribal strife.
3) In 2015, there were an estimated 2.3 million orphans in the Kenya.
4) Currently in Eldoret, CWH-Tobiah Home is one of only 2 Children's Home's that takes in infant orphans.

Kenya is a third-world country, why are the costs of land and other items so expensive?  

While it may not make sense to think that a third-world country would be expensive, the cost of living in Eldoret, Kenya is similar to living in the U.S.  while some costs are lower, some are the same as in the U.S.  The cost for land is especially high.   Much of the land is passed down from generation to generation, or it is owned by wealthy businessmen/women, athletes, or foreigners.