As a Christ-centered children's home, Tobiah Home seeks to provide a spiritual climate that encourages each child to realize God's call for their lives. The children are raised as a family unit with a loving father and mother. Here are just a few ways CWH-Tobiah Home brings love and security to the lives of children, no longer orphans, in Eldoret, Kenya:

  • The children receive high quality care that nurtures their physical, emotional, educational and economic needs in an environment that is safe, clean, and conducive to learning and loving.
  • The children's home has highly trained staff and a low staff to child ration.
  • Each child has access to educational materials, ensuring early and continual development of the children.
  • Currently the children are schooled at the home with certified Kenyan teachers, learning both Kiswahili and English.
  • Exceptional medical care is of highest priority.
  • Each child is taught Biblical principals and home life is centered on Jesus Christ.
  • Special activities ensure cultural immersion.
  • Since adoption is not a realistic option for these children, they instead become a big family at Tobiah Home, supporting one another as siblings.